How to start a blog for free | How to earn from blog | Learn Blogging Part 1

How to start a blog for free

How to start a blog for free and is it worth to do blogging for free i’m gonna show you how to start free blogging

best free blogging platform:-

  • Blogger

blogger is best for free blogging. basically free blogging have only limited features but if you’re new and want to learn blogging so you can try on blogger but if you want to make blogging full time so i prefer you to use Premium Hosting it’s helpful

How to start free blogging in blogger :-

For starting free blogging You need a gmail account and then go on  Blogger login with your gmail and.

  • Setup Name
  • Site Name

After that Just go on page folder create 4 Important Pages

how to start blog for free
how to start blog for free

Click on New Page and create

  • about us
  • privacy policy
  • disclaimer
  • contact us

These are the 4 important pages you need to setup make first and after that choose a good theme from theme section blogger has limited theme to select so choose wisely.

How to start blog for free

Now you’ve done everything and you can start blogging by posting post from post section. go on post section and add new post write your post SEO Wisely and Enjoy Free blogging. in next blog we will talk about seo in blogger i’ll tell everything that i know about the blogging

Comming soon :- How to do SEO in blogger

that’s the way for doing free blogging although i never prefer to doing free blogging and even if you want you can do. if you have any question or doubt ask me in comment i’ll reply as soon as possible.

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